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mitch klink is officially recognized as an
Education Specialist trained by eBay


At the moment, this page doesn't really serve much purpose, other than to redirect you someplace else, depending on your interests.

There's a good chance that you came here, because you're interested in my eBay courses. I am an officially recognized education specialist trained by eBay, and I currently teach three of these non-credit courses on an ongoing basis at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham Oregon.

In addition, I also teach courses in PhotoShop. To sign up for any of these courses, please contact the Community Education Department at Mt. Hood Community College by e-mailing Becky.StClair@mhcc.edu or calling 503-491-7572.

Here's a link to their web page:


I've got plenty of experience using eBay! I've been buying and selling there since 1998. My girlfriend, Jenny, and I have our own eBay Store called "Monkey House Hobby and Home" and we are eBay Power Sellers. If you would like to take a look, here's a link to our store:


If, by any chance, you've come here looking for information about my hobby of letterboxing, then you will want to visit the following page:



Good luck with all your online adventures!